Scouts BSA Patrol Activities: 2nd Class Rank Bingo Game

It’s hard to find fresh ideas to bring life to the Scouting program over Zoom, so when my son (a PL) asks to reinvent a tried and true game, we do it and we share. Back in May, he and I worked together to create a series of S.C.O.U.T. game boards to cover Scout Rank materials. (You can find that post at Scouts BSA Patrol Activities: Scout Rank Bingo Game). His patrol is moving up in the ranks and many are ready to earn 2nd Class. Accordingly, some new game boards were required.

Download the S.C.O.U.T. Game Boards, Rules, and Questions

First, download the five 2nd Class Rank S.C.O.U.T. Game Boards (PDF) and forward it to your patrol via email, ScoutBook, Facebook… however you communicate with your crew. Then, download the 2nd Class Rank S.C.O.U.T. Game Rules and Questions (PDF) for yourself.

Explain and Play Your Game

Have your Scouts choose the board they’d like to play with. Next, read your game rules and answer questions Scouts may have. Then, choose one of the two randomized numbers lists (or make your own) and ask the questions in order of the list. Don’t read out the answers! When a Scout yells “SCOUT!”, check their board against the answers. If they were correct, they’ve won the game. If not, continue asking questions. You can either end the game after the first person successfully wins or keep going until you’ve asked all of the questions.

Have Fun!

Make it a rousing game of Bingo by getting into that Scout Spirit and taking on the persona of a real game show host!

Enjoy S.C.O.U.T. Bingo in Good Health

I hope this is helpful to your Scouts and that it finds you in good health! Don’t forget to follow, like, and share Look Wider Still.

Yours in Scouting,

For a full collection of games that can be played virtually, check out my post entitled Scouting Tech: Virtual Games for Scouts.


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Rebekah is the mother of two wonderful sons, Michael and Nate. She and her husband, Mike, married in 2002 and have built their family on a foundation of adventure. Between geocaching, camping, hiking, cooking, fishing, crafting, reading, and snuggling their Irish Terrier, Bentley, they enjoy a long and happy career in Scouting. The boys come from a long line of Scouters, including Eagles on all sides. Mike has served as assistant den leader, treasurer, and Pack Committee member, and Rebekah has served as den leader and Cubmaster for Pack 521 out of Mechanicsville, Virginia.

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