Cub Scout Activities: Pinewood Derby Resources

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please remember that the links to editable Slides are the official Look Wider Still copies of those files. Please do not request editor access to those files! I’ve spent a lot of time re-building Slideshows and Certificate files to remove changes made by users. Please make copies of those files and work from your copies! Thank you!!

Whether your Pack is hosting an in-person, drive-thru, or virtual event, one thing is certain… the Pinewood Derby Race is the one event your Scouts have been waiting for all year! You could even argue that this year in particular, holding onto Scouting traditions is more important than ever. Planning your event as you always have just isn’t an option for the 2020-2021 Year in Scouting, so I’ve created a few free resources I hope will help make your job a little easier.

I’ve put together two themes for you to choose from, red and blue. Each theme includes:

  • Printable Pit Passes
  • A Google Slides template
  • Printable Signage
  • A Zoom Background
  • Editable Race Certificates

There are also a set of free, downloadable race certificates to save you a little bit of time and money. A Scout is thrifty, afterall.

How to Use the Pit Passes

Print the Pit Passes from the theme of your choice, cut to size, then laminate each individual pass. Punch a hole at the top of each pass and use yarn to create a lanyard, long enough for a Scout to put on without having to untie a knot. As cars are entered into Pit Row (registered), give each racer their own Pit Pass. Use permanent marker to write in their Racer name and the name of their car! If your race software provides a number for each Racer, write that (along with the date) on the back of their pass.

I’ve used Office Max for years when printing my Pit Passes. They can print your passes on heavy weight paper or even card stock. If you are skipping lamination, use a heavy card stock for your passes.

How to Use the Google Slides Templates

When you open the slideshow, click the File dropdown and select Make a Copy > Entire Presentation. You can make edits to your saved copy of the slideshow. Note that the first slide includes a Cub Scout logo with the default unit numbers “111”. That is an editable textbox that can be used to customize that logo for your own unit!

If you are hosing a virtual Pinewood Derby Race, you can share your screen in Zoom and click the Present button on the top right of your Google Slide screen. This will share your slideshow with your Zoom participants, full-screen. You can use your arrow keys to navigate through the slideshow! Don’t forget to use your matching Zoom backgrounds!

There are also editable certificates available in each theme. These are also Google Slides. When you open these files, please click the File dropdown and select Make a Copy > Entire Presentation. You should work from your copied presentation.

Blue Theme

Use the links below to download your FREE Blue Theme resources.

Blue Theme Zoom Background

Red Theme

Use the links below to download your FREE Red Theme resources.

Red Theme Zoom Background

Other Great Pinewood Derby Resources

There are countless great resources out there to help you pull off an amazing Pinewood Derby. Here are a few I thought would be helpful to you this year.

How to Host a Pinewood Derby Event Safely This Year, Bryan on Scouting Article

First, Second, and Third Place Pinewood Derby Trophies,

Checkered Flag Goodie Bags,

Derby Dome Display Cases, ABC Pinewood Derby (great for appearance awards)

19 Perfect Songs for your Pinewood Derby Playlist, Cub Scout Ideas

Pinewood Derby Printables, the Mormon Home

SkyFall Done Font, free download

Pinewood Pete Graphite,

Best Wishes for a Great Pinewood Derby Race!

I hope that you get some good use out of these special resources! If you use them for race day, let me know in the comments. How did it go? What were the cars like this year? Were you in-person or virtual? Tell me everything. And don’t forget to like this post, share it, and follow Look Wider Still!

Yours in Scouting,

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