Cub Scouts: Den Leader Binder Organization Tips

Sure, I’m a Scouter, but first I’m a nerd. Two of my favorite things are Tolkien and organization, which alone should paint a fairly accurate picture of who it is that’s advising you right now. Do you remember being a kid and getting brand new school supplies? It was exhilarating and took the edge offContinue reading “Cub Scouts: Den Leader Binder Organization Tips”

The Age of Bags: Why my Kavu Mini is a back and life saver!

We are in the age of bags. I have a bag in my coat closet that’s full of other bags. It’s a thing that happens to women when they become mothers because you’re suddenly incapable of schlepping around everybody’s stuff in your purse. At first you start using your baby bag to carry everything forContinue reading “The Age of Bags: Why my Kavu Mini is a back and life saver!”