Kids Stuff: Free Printable Fortnite Valentines

Hey Squad, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and since my son is a 5th grader, that means it’s our very last opportunity to make and hand out classroom Valentine’s. Make it Legendary? Mission Accepted!

I don’t think I need to explain why Fortnite is a popular Valentine theme this year, you’re likely hearing your elementary school aged child (and possibly your husband) squeal with delight over their Victory Royale or that they picked up a Legendary Weapon. We’ve all witnessed the Dab, Best Mates, and Billy Bounce. We’ve all Flossed. We’ve all had to Take the L.

My son and I can’t seem the find the right Fortnite-themed Valentine’s among the vast ocean of options, so we decided to work on making our own together. Gone are the days of scissors and construction paper, though! Since we put in the work, we wanted to share our free printable Fortnite Valentine’s with you!

I should note right here and now that we absolutely do not own the rights to Fortnite or its characters, and I offer these up for free when other sites are charging because I don’t want to make any money from their amazing game.

Our Valentine’s Bags

I do, however, want to share links to all the goodies we’re including in our Valentine’s this year. You can’t have Fortnite (or Minecraft, if that’s your theme) without the pick axes. Amazon to the rescue; just look at these amazing pencils with erasers! They also sell Fortnite Themed Goodie Bags, and Target has a 12-pack of cello bags for $2.00!!

The Valentine’s Box

We’re working on a Supply Box drop, complete with a yellow balloon (I’ll add photos as we go), but there are LOTS of great Fortnite themed Valentine’s Boxes online. Check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for some ideas!

The Printable Valentine’s

I put together two sets of free printable Valentine’s that you are free to download and use. I suggest printing them on a heavier paper if you have it available. These are double-sided so make sure you set your printer accordingly. There are 8 total cards, each one different.

If you’re looking for the official Fortnite Font, look no further. You can download Burbank Big Condensed Bold for free.

If you use these awesome printables for your Valentine’s, or know someone who would like them, please share this post and leave a comment below! I want to know all about your Valentine’s and hope your child enjoys a wonderful holiday. Don’t forget to check out Look Wider Still for family favorite recipes, Scouting advice, kids stuff, and more.

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Published by Look Wider Still

Rebekah is the mother of two wonderful sons, Michael and Nate. She and her husband, Mike, married in 2002 and have built their family on a foundation of adventure. Between geocaching, camping, hiking, cooking, fishing, crafting, reading, and snuggling their Irish Terrier, Bentley, they enjoy a long and happy career in Scouting. The boys come from a long line of Scouters, including Eagles on all sides. Mike has served as assistant den leader, treasurer, and Pack Committee member, and Rebekah has served as den leader and Cubmaster for Pack 521 out of Mechanicsville, Virginia.

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